Welcome to Fairfield House!

Fairfield House offers a rare opportunity to visit a house built by hand in the ten years following the start of Loyalist settlement in Ontario in 1784.

The Fairfield Homestead Heritage Association promotes the preservation of Fairfield House and provides guided tours and heritage programming at the House through an agreement with Loyalist Township, owner of the property.

In 1793 the farmhouse of Loyalists William and Abigail Fairfield was the heart of a growing farm. Today, Fairfield House is eastern Ontario's best preserved 18th century dwelling, distinguished by the survival of many of its original interior features. On guided tours of the house, visitors move from the limestone cellar to the raftered attic.

We look forward to greeting you at Fairfield House and sharing with you the discovery of this valued house and its surroundings. They will link you directly with this township's story of Loyalist settlement.

The Fairfield Homestead from east side

The Fairfield Homestead.
Preserving the Work of Loyalist Builders
Celebrating Its 225th Year in 2018

The Fairfield Homestead.
2018 Marked its 225th year.

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Planning Your Trip to Fairfield House

  • Location: Fairfield House is in Fairfield Park, with parking lot at 4574 Bath Road, west of the House.
    Look for the Loyalist Parkway gates standing north of Fairfield House.

  • Guided Tours: Wednesday through Sunday
    11am - 4:30pm
    Canada Day to Labour Day

  • Admission Charge: yes
Fairfield House may be closed to visitors, but Fairfield Park is an enjoyable place for a walk, for a picnic, or for quiet relaxation - all with beautiful lake views.
area map to locate Fairfield Park

A Video Visit to Fairfield Park

Enjoy a A Summer Walk in Fairfield Park. The views were taken in 2020 from late spring lilac season to the hot days of August when shade was welcome.
View from Park across Lake

By the Lakeside
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